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PBX Cards for Sale - These are New and Used PBX cards and other PBX and PABX accessories. Sale, shiping and insurance according to our Terms. Important:We do not send any newsletters, announcements or any unsolicited email to our customers.
1NORTEL NT6D41 (NT6D41AD) RLS 03 Ce Pwr SupUsed, Tested in Meridian PBX$190
2NORTEL NT8D15 (NT8D15AK) RLS 06 E&M Dict TrkUsed, Tested in Meridian PBX$240
3NORTEL NTND19 (NTND19CB) RLS O5 CP68040/64 Used, Tested in Meridian PBX$280
4NORTEL NT8D14 (NT8D14AJ) RLS 04 Univ TrkUsed, Tested in Meridian PBX$280
5NORTEL NT8D02 (NT8D02EA) RLS 03 Dgtl LCUsed, Tested in Meridian PBXCall, Mail
6NORTEL NTDR68 (NTDR68BD) RLS 04 MIG RLC With Documentation and cable NTDR79BABRAND NEW$390
7NORTEL NT6D65 (NT6D65AA) RLS 10 CNIUSED, Tested in Meridian 81 PBX$190
8TELRAD ELA 76-11-2200 RLS C5USED, Tested in Telrad 128 BPX$190
9TELRAD ELD 76-110-1100 STYLE E0USED, Tested in Telrad 128 BPX$280
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